Design a catamaran houseboat

Our designs are world standard. In fact, our designer won the most coveted designer’s award in the world competition. Even now, our boat is in top 6th position currently and ready to be voted number one, the best in class DIY solar catamaran boat category in the world competition.

Marine design is crucial for longevity and stability. Hydro dynamics are very important in building a large boat. The cost goes very high is design of a boat is flawed and sometime the prices to pay could be enormous. Therefore finest design for boats and yachts are of paramount importance.

The Catamaran is made of three main parts; the hull, deck and cabin. The hull is a simple catamaran design with two parallel frames that support the deck. The deck is designed to be flat with only a few inches of clearance between it and the water to allow for easy movement from the cabin in rougher waters. The cabin is designed to seat twenty comfortably inside and will offer protection from both sun and rain.