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This is one of the most useful and timely innovation in riverine transport facility upgrade in Bangladesh.

Mahboob Sohel

our team

We are a team of three professionals from three different disciplines. 

Capt. Abdullah Al Mahmud, sailing for more than 30 years mainly on super tankers, has got vast experience of ship building in the world largest Daewoo and Hyundai Shipyard. 

Chief Engineer Moinul Islam has vast and diverse experience in both shore and ships. He worked with MAERSK Line and Barber Ship Management and got experience in ship repair, building and commissioning. He also worked with hospitality industry at Westin and Radisson hotel chains. 

Mr. Yousuf is an IT professional with huge expertise in electronics, who mainly designed the power train of our vessel.

Maj Mahboob Sohel (retd) is a supply and transport professional with avid interest in eco tourism and sustainability. 

Michael O’Connor, Naval Architect & CEO of Naviculus, France, is specialized in innovative ship design and electric catamaran. He has received ‘Best Bespoke Ship Design’ award from International Transport Magazine in 2018, for designing “IRON”, which was built by Ecomarine.  

Ecomarine is affiliated with Naviculus since 2016. 

The boat moves silently as a cat on a carpet. The environment safety provide by zero carbon emission is palpable and real. Such a great feeling to save the environment.

our story

We are currently living in an era where the endangered environment can only be restored by going back to Nature herself.

With a vision to contribute in preserving environment, we, Ecomarine, are mainly focused on introducing sustainable and renewable energy to water transports. Although some zero pollution vehicles are already visible on our roads, scenario is not the same for the waterways.  And even for the vehicles that are not emitting any greenhouse gas or burning any fossil fuel while operating, they are depending on fossil fuel for recharging the batteries.

Through use of modern and efficient designs that require minimum propelling power, the usage of fossil fuel can be minimized or eliminated completely for watercrafts where speed and load requirements are not so crucial. For instance, light weight and slow-paced sightseeing tourist boats can run solely on solar power during day light and even the backup battery banks can be recharged to operate during dark hours. Moreover, for vessels that require more speed or power, we use the best hull-form to minimize drag, use ecofriendly diesel engine and most efficient stern drive system to minimize fuel consumption.

Our water vessels are designed to use renewable solar and wind power to reduce fossil fuel consumption.  These green vessels reduce CO2 emission into air, do not discharge any oily substance into water and create no sound or vibration. Moreover, proper treatment of disposed garbage and human waste in the vessels also helps to maintain oxygen level of the water bodies. 

For environmentally endangered areas like Hoar (flooded basin), Sundarbans, etc., our ecofriendly vessels can really make a huge difference in preserving natural balance. 

our mission

To help conserve nature through usage of renewable energy for water transports, thereby reducing water, air & sound pollution 

  • Modern design to utilize solar and wind power, thus minimizing fossil fuel consumption
  • Reduced CO2 emission into air
  • Zero discharge of oily or improperly treated human waste into water
  • Zero noise or vibration 

our vision

Be a pioneer in water conservation and restore sustainable harmony back with nature through usage of green vehicles in our waterways


Why Choose Us



Award winning designer of international repute, built by veteran marine and software engineers with the best technology available till today. Our service trade off is unmatched.



We are always welcoming ship building  inquires with eagerness and passion to discuss trends, economics and environment impact creation ideas.



We are trustworthy and friendly. We want to make zero emission a reality and offer the world a guilt free cruising experience on water. Later on we shall break into mass transport system.



Our vessels are affordable and can reach break even point within a very short time. Giving you profit year after year for many years of operation. We are working towards zero carbon footprint.