Boat building

Generally a boat can be from a small one person canoe or kayak to a massive oil tankers carrying millions of tons of crude oil. A boat for one person is a simple construction method. From dug out canoes to foam filled plastic drums could be used as a boat for a one person for fishing trips to to the lakes and rivers. From time immemorial, people used boats made from papyrus leaves, to wooden planks to make a small boat, dug out canoes from felled trees and in modern times, rotational molding machines can print out a small boat, so to speak.

Types of boats

Boats are depending on needs, several types. These types also are different in different geographic locations. For example, ancient Egyptians made boat by leaves of papyrus, some kind of coastal water plants, dried up, tied together and built as hull of the boat. The boats can be also made from RFP (reinforced fiber plastic) or can be also made from PVC or Hypalon materials. Boats were traditionally made of wood. Our boats are made from marine grade poly wood and fiber glass reinforcement. These boats are lightweight, fast moving and durable. Maintenance cost is also low in comparison with maintenance of wooden hulls. Woodend frameworks are also very expensive. We design and build custom made solar powered catamarans for people in Bangladesh. Our boats are built to be sturdy and designed to last. The boats are also designed to be used by fishermen, local transportation, and for leisure activities. Imagine a boat that sails to the middle of nowhere with no fuel tank at all. No engine, no fumes, just like a regular catamaran. This is exactly what we built for our team in Bangladesh. The main goal of this project was to help them build sustainable housing solutions for remote communities that are off-grid and don’t have access to electricity or central heating.